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Youth Representatives Profiles
Bayer Young Environmental Envoy
Bayer and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have worked together for many years on projects, particularly on those involving environmental education in the Asia Pacific region. Bayer and UNEP appoint deserving students from all over Indonesia as Bayer Young Environmental Envoys (BYEEs) to participate in an eco-camp in Indonesia. The top four delegates are given the opportunity to join youths from 16 other countries on a week-long all expenses paid trip to Germany to gain new insights on the spectrum of environmental protection measures used by industries, municipalities and state environment authorities in Germany.
For more information, visit www.byee.bayer.com
Bogor Agricultural University Collaborations
Representatives work closely with the International Forestry Students' Association, Local Committee, Bogor Agricultural University (IFSA LC-IPB), and the Department of Forest Product and chemical laboratory of forest products at Bogor Agricultural University. The goal of their activities is to promote the 4R principle - reduce, reuse, recycle, and respect.
Detara Foundation and Garden and Decoration Club Collaboration
Representatives are working on environmental awareness projects with the Detara Foundation and Garden and Decoration Club (Greda-C). Greda-C is from IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) and is concerned with planting, cultivating, as well as agricultural systems and decorations for gardens.
Detara Foundation and Greda-C will work together to promote education and activities about concepts such as planting organic vegetables in marginal areas and managing planting systems. Participants in the activities can then use what they learn to launch other campaigns, for instance, using hydroponics, growing plants in recycled bottles.
Indonesian Greenaction Forum (IGaF)
Supported by UNESCO, TUNZA Eco-generation, Eubios Ethics institute, and UNEP TUNZA SEAYEN, the Indonesian Greenaction Forum (IGaF) organised workshops and eco-projects for an Eco-education Programme from May 25th to 31st 2013. The programme was split into two main parts: Eco-education and Scientific Paper Writing Training.
Approximately 150 students from 27 clusters of elementary schools from the Mlonggo District participated in the eco-education activities and events. The activities aimed to educate elementary students about environmental education and environmental creativity. The Scientific Paper Writing Training in SMA N 1 Bangsri trained the 45 high school students who participated in academic paper writing.
After the programme, IGaF continued to engage participants through other environmental activities and information. Since the programme was very successful, there are already plans to make it annual.
To view photos from the event, visit our Photo Gallery.
Klub Tunas Hijau (Green Club Indonesia)
Klub Tunas Hijau is an NGO that carries out many activities at the grassroots level. Striving toward a responsible generation in caring for our environment, KTH aims to provide innovative, attractive, practical, and informal environmental education as early in people's lives as possible.
For more information, visit www.tunashijau.org
Organic Planting
Elementary school children and children who live around Detara’s House participated in planting organic vegetables like peanuts, spinach, corns, and mustards. Participants also made organic fertilizer to protect plants from pests and diseases. This organic fertilizer was created from the water that comes from washing rice, some sugars, and E4 (bacterial decomposer). Participants also harvested the crops and sold them in the market.
These activities aimed to teach the children about using land, increase environmental awareness, and encourage indepdent living through eco-agro entrepreneurship from a young age.
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